From Living In a Warehouse to Starting His Own Property Investment Firm, Jacob Moore Has Come a Long Way

From Living In a Warehouse to Starting His Own Property Investment Firm, Jacob Moore Has Come a Long Way

We love to dwell in our comfort zone and stay within that safe, warm cocoon as it embraces us. In doing so, we miss a world of opportunities waiting to be probed. With his expertise and skills, Jacob Moore challenged himself to explore the unexplored, earn a name for himself in the competitive investment world, and he has done a splendid job thus far! 

Moore left his comfortable abode in the Canary Islands with hopes of learning about the world beyond his hometown. He arrived in London and was immediately captivated by the larger-than-life aesthetic, brimming with excitement and hope. However, it was after numerous trials and errors to revamp his life that he reached the position he enjoys today. 

In his new home, Moore’s life was anything but easy, undergoing some tough years where he had to adapt to unstable living conditions, 

from a friend’s sofa in Wood Green, to a shared room in Roehampton, to sleeping in a restaurant’s warehouse and learning to cook Thai food. “I ended up in this situation through ‘someone who knew someone,’ who could offer me a roof, a bed, and work on the weekends,” shares the investment expert. 

Seeing a junior broker position open at London’s top firm, he jumped at the opportunity and began to work relentlessly toward establishing himself. Closing five accounts before everyone else and being the last one to leave the office, his work did not go unnoticed and in a matter of months, he became the best investment consultant in the entire company.

After three hardworking years, Moore could finally envision a future where he would be his own boss. He incorporated his first company in 2012, raising millions of pounds for multiple startup companies and working with many renowned figures. This entrepreneurial journey also brought a few losses, but over time he learned how to spot the hidden gems in the alternative investment market and key elements to look for to identify the differences between a good investment company, and a bad one. 

“I’ve had to kiss a few frogs along the way, I admit it,” shares Moore. 

Now with a 15-year of experience as an expert in alternatives, the investment specialist has built a company from the ground up, where he showcases his personal values and instills the same charisma in his current employees. 

Triumph Capital started as a dream and soon became one of UK’s top property investment companies. Jacob Moore partnered with Godwin Capital and the 79th Group many years ago with an aim to further elevate the company, partners, and clients. 

Starting from the Canary Islands, Jacob Moore came to London with £400 and a dream in his 20s. After living in warehouses, surviving on Thai food, and starting from scratch as a junior broker, he has finally achieved a higher ground and continues to soar.