Jay Iverson Strives to Become the Ultimate Guide for Beginners in the Crypto NFT Space

Jay Iverson Strives to Become the Ultimate Guide for Beginners in the Crypto NFT Space

Learning something that is not widely taught around or something that is very new in the market is very hard. It sometimes also feels frustrating when you want to do something, but there isn’t ample information about it. Even if the information is available, it is not available for you or your local community because of the language barrier.

Here is what Jay Iverson did about this impossible situation and made it into a full-fledged business. From the beginning, Jay had always been inclined towards finance, business, and earning better returns. He yearned to make something of himself and tested his entrepreneurial streak by selling Christmas decorations which he made himself with a bunch of twigs and ribbons.

Later in life, he excelled in a high school project where he had to establish a small business and liquidate it in four months to see how much they made. Jay’s small business broke all records in the class and made the highest profits there were. Since then, he has been determined to teach others the same tricks to earn money and gain financial freedom.

Diving into the world of web3 and crypto/NFT space, there wasn’t a clear road map of what to do and how to dominate the market. Especially not for German people like Jay. There were very few resources in German for him to get information, so he tried to learn whatever he could by using books in English. After that, he and a couple of his friends wrote the book “Kryptostarter” in German to spread awareness and teach people about the new and upcoming financial market.

Jay’s efforts to raise awareness on topics related to crypto and blockchain technology got immense success in Germany, and he stepped it up by making videos on TikTok. He continued to make videos about how he viewed the crypto market and kept trading in it to make more money. Seeing the response and the growing market of people seeking the latest crypto updates, he has also started making videos in English to cater to people across the globe. So far he has been able to gain a fanbase of over 250,000 subscribers.

Jay has thought a lot about what he wants to do in the future and his goals. His primary goal is to get away from earning money through promotions and look for long-term partnerships with web3 and crypto trading companies. He also wants to release his complete guide by making more videos in the English language to spread more awareness. 

In a perfect world, Jay hopes everyone knows about web3 and crypto and he wishes to become a part of it by contributing his efforts to make it a household name. Find out more about Jay’s efforts on TikTok and Youtube.