Here Is How Dr. Steven Kaufman Reached Such Great Heights as a Businessman

Here Is How Dr. Steven Kaufman Reached Such Great Heights as a Businessman

When it comes to reaching your goals and becoming successful, one needs to form and remain committed to habits that boost morale through thick and thin. When it comes to fulfilling your dream, one needs to practice hard work and mesh it with their creative ability. Steven Kaufman, the renowned philanthropist, and entrepreneur has made it to the top and earned a $250 million net worth due to various attributes. Keep reading to learn about the work ethic and habits of the owner of Zeus Companies.

Your company matters

Steven has always admired and has let himself grow in the company of intelligent decision-makers. “I didn’t know this when I started, but eventually, I realized that I want to be the dumbest, poorest guy in the room vs. the ego boost of being the smart, successful guy,” he says.

As unconventional as it may sound, Steven reveals that this type of commitment is purely based on his urge to grow. He believes that when one enters the room with a yearning to learn and grow, it can only happen in the company of intellectuals and experts in the field. Steven fully embodies the words of his favorite author Tony Robbins: “the quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.”

Therefore, Steven cherishes the company of those individuals who can bring positive change to his own behavior and values. He believes that not only does one’s company help them excel in the field, but it also propels them to love and respect their peers even more.

Humility works best with confidence

Despite running a multi-million dollar enterprise, Steven has stayed true to his roots and pays homage to them. With a humble background and upbringing, he has cultivated and grown as an entrepreneur over the years. Running and managing a team responsible for more than $5 billion in retail mortgage loan origination, Steven understands where the success came from.

“My mom always told me there will always be somebody better, which helps me stay sharp and humble, but I’m confident in what I know and have done,” shares Steven. Carrying his mother’s words with him to date, Steven realizes that humility and confidence are equally important. Without being sure of their abilities and work, one cannot reach such great heights.

The successful journey of Steven Kaufman from start to date compels one to wonder how he did it. The answer is right in front of us, in his stories and experiences. Where hard work and passion are crucial to reaching your goals, it is equally essential to surround yourself with the right company and practice humility.