Tech Founder Patrick Parker Possesses All the Right Skills To Scale a Business

Tech Founder Patrick Parker Possesses All the Right Skills To Scale a Business

 Momentum – that’s what Patrick Parker believes to be the ultimate secret to building a successful business. And that’s where he excels. He has maintained his enormous reputation for building businesses for years, and now it seems like his favorite sport. In over 15 years of him being in the tech industry, he has manifested himself as a SaaS expert, accomplished entrepreneur, and an emerging star in WEB3. With numerous million-dollar businesses in his portfolio, it is safe to say that Patrick has all the right skills to scale a business.

But these skills weren’t given to him on a silver platter, nor has he been spoonfed the secrets of building and scaling businesses. Truth be told, such a level of expertise is often a reward for unflinching determination and focus on your goals in the face of brutal realities in life. When you stand firm in the pursuit of your dreams, even during sporadic quakes jolting your life, you emerge as someone like Patrick Parker.

When he rose above the challenges and overcame the trials and tribulations life had thrown at him, he set out to achieve his ultimate dream – learning the art of entrepreneurship. And what an artist he turned out to be!

Patrick did more than become just an entrepreneur. He became an inspiration for many and an ultimate guide for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the tech industry. He excelled in the SaaS industry, but Patrick also delved deeper into WEB3, NFTs, and other innovations surrounding blockchain technology.

Mr. Parker loves to be good at many things. “Jack of all the trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one,” says Shakespeare’s one of the quotes, and it is no wonder it’s one of his favorites of Patrick.

“I love this quote. Here’s why; it takes generalists to build a business, and it takes specialists to scale a business,” says Patrick. “What I mean by that is founders need to have a wide variety of skills in order to develop the initial product or service, along with all the aspects that come with it,” he further added.

Patrick believes that entrepreneurs need to have experience with branding and marketing, design, product development, service delivery, CRMs, email marketing, copywriting, customer success and support, sales, accounting, financial forecasting, etc. He considers himself a ‘proud generalist,’ someone who employs a wide variety of deep skills across functional domains, unlike specialists who often find themselves as experts within a single function. “Honestly put, specialists face a lot of struggles scaling a business whereas generalists encounter a little difficulty in the same domain. Bottom line: adopting a wide variety of skills is the real secret sauce in entrepreneurship,” contends Patrick.

Furthermore, Patrick has grown to be a tough guy, born out of adversities. In his own words, he affirms this by saying that entrepreneurship is not for the meek. And it is true. Managing a business and scaling it to the top is not a five-finger exercise. It gets to you and devours you if you are not emotionally and mentally a tough nut to crack. An accomplished entrepreneur is to be able to fight through loneliness, rejection, stress, personal conflicts, and all of the other troubles and challenges that come along.

Luckily, Patrick has developed all the traits mandatory for managing businesses, with success being the ultimate result. If you need inspiration for getting started, he is your man! Reach out to him if you intend to change the course of your business for the better.

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