Political and cultural figures mourn the death of Adalberto Álvarez

Political and cultural figures mourn the death of Adalberto Álvarez

The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, today expressed his heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and people for the death of the excellent musician Adalberto Álvarez, one of the most beloved artists in the Caribbean nation.

From his profile on the social network Twitter, the president affirmed that his music and his total defense of the sound will remain forever and assured that the culture is in mourning for the physical departure of the author of emblematic songs such as My pretty habanera, To dance casino , Playing with candela and Sonero soy, referred the web portal Prensa Latina.

The Minister of Culture of Cuba, Alpidio Alonso, expressed his deep sorrow for the death of that glory of Cuban music and culture and acknowledged that “his immense work, planted in the hearts and memory of our people, will endure.”

Also the vice-minister of that portfolio Fernando León Jacomino gave his goodbye to the Caballero del Son; revealed the sadness of those who love his songs and respected his successful career and evoked the enormous happiness of the teacher when they celebrated Son Day, on May 8 last.

Casa de las Américas, the José Martí National Library of Cuba, the National Theater, the University of the Arts (ISA) and the National Council of Performing Arts cataloged the death of Álvarez, winner of the National Music Prize in 2008, as irreparable loss.

‘With immense pain, Cuba and several dancers, musicians, composers and artists of the world wake up due to the unfortunate news of the death of Adalberto Álvarez, man, friend, father, grandfather and sonero mayor,’ the Literary and Artistic Promotions Company reported on Twitter. by Cuba Artex.

Venezuela joins the mourning for the departure of the honorable musician.

President Nicolás Maduro sent his words of condolence and solidarity to the Cuban people and especially to family and friends. “I want to convey to all the relatives and to the entire Cuban people our condolences for the sad death of Adalberto Álvarez,” he said.

Previously, the Cuban Institute of Music reported that the death was caused by multiple organ dysfunction as a result of pneumonia derived from Covid-19 and recognized his career as founder in 1978 of the Son 14 orchestra and in 1984 of Adalberto Álvarez and his Son.

The note refers that born in Havana on November 22, 1948, the pianist always considered himself a native of Camagüey, a city that granted him the qualification of Illustrious Son and with which he developed permanent ties and numerous projects for the promotion of this manifestation of the art.