Meet World-Class Psychologist and Feminist Author, Dr. Laurie Mintz

Meet World-Class Psychologist and Feminist Author, Dr. Laurie Mintz

With over 30 years of combined education, teaching, research, and clinical practice, Dr. Laurie Mintz has firmly established her place in the field of psychology as a world-renowned psychotherapist, certified sex therapist, and best-selling author. One of her books, Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It earned her two major book awards given by prominent sexuality organizations,  including the 2020 Media Award given by the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health to those who play a significant role in promoting a better understanding of sexual health, and the 2019 Consumer Book of the Year Award given by the Society for Sex Therapy and Research to recognize the best recent book for consumers ) that contributes to the understanding of human sexuality and sexual problems. 

Dr. Mintz writes books to share her three decades’ worth of knowledge as a psychologist and delivers continuing education workshops to professionals. She has a Ph.D. in  Counseling Psychology and specializes in sex therapy. She teaches the Psychology of Human Sexuality to hundreds of undergrad students a year as a tenured professor at the University of Florida. 

When discussing her entrepreneurial journey, Laurie cites her willingness to give away psychology and help others as the primary contributor to her success in life.

Dr. Mintz was a traditional academic teacher and published scientific articles until about 1997 when she earned full professor; the highest one can achieve in academia. She recalls having an existential crisis at this time as she never felt fulfilled publishing for other academics. She says, “It was then I realized that I wanted to write for the lay public. So, I did a lot of research on pivoting to more personal writing and then published my first book. Her first book, A Tired Woman’s Guide To Passionate Sex is a masterpiece manual which is a sex therapist’s favorite recommendation for the widespread concern among women – diminished sex drive. Still, after publishing the book, Mintz says, “My academic/scientist clicked in and I panicked–what if my book wasn’t helpful!?”

Her fears led her to discover the exciting research area of the effectiveness of self-help books, and with the help of graduate students, ran four studies on her book, all finding it was effective. 

Stoked by findings on the effectiveness of her first book, and upon hearing students and clients stories of lack of orgasm during sex, she wrote another book, this one aimed at closing the orgasm gap and spurring a sexual revolution for orgasm equality. This book, Becoming Cliterate, has won numerous awards and like her first book, has published empirical studies finding that women who read it become more orgasmic and men who read it become better lovers. Since publishing this book, she’s been a highly sought-after speaker for the lay public, nationally and internationally.

Today, Dr. Mintz is the leading authority in the country on the orgasm gap and one of the foremost experts in female sexuality. Through teaching, consulting, speaking, writing, and creating social media content, Laurie hopes to leave a lasting impact on bringing gender equality to sexual encounters.