Meet Ludmila Padre Cardoso – A Successful Entrepreneur Aiding Women to Gain Confidence Through Her Work in the Beauty Industry 

Meet Ludmila Padre Cardoso – A Successful Entrepreneur Aiding Women to Gain Confidence Through Her Work in the Beauty Industry 

Oprah Winfrey once said, “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” New adventures and beginnings are the most beautiful aspects of one’s life, and one needs the confidence to go after adventures. Ludmila Padre Cardosa, the founder of Studio Le Maquillage, has achieved her financial and personal goals by working on her self-confidence. She now encourages others by sharing her story and expertise. 

The beauty industry has been on the fast track for the past decade. Studio Le Maquillage was created to introduce another method of attaining natural beauty. Ludmila works on bare skin and helps her clients feel beautiful and confident without the help of conventional cosmetics. Her state-of-the-art Under Eye Neutralization procedure makes the use of concealers redundant. Ludmila wants this procedure to become more mainstream and available for women so they can feel beautiful and presentable at all times. She posts her clients’ videos on her Tiktok account to showcase the difference her treatment has made. 

Having studied economics and working in the corporate sector, Ludmila never felt she belonged there because of the wars of egos among colleagues and ever-lowering living standards. Looking for adventure and freedom, she started her own business in the beauty industry. Before diving into the realm of beauty, she went to get an eyebrow micropigmentation procedure. She loved the results, and the feeling of self-esteem and confidence gave her the courage to take that final step and make a career transition. Today, Ludmila wants everyone to feel the same sense of transformation and freedom through her company. 

Transformation and beautification change people in different ways. It helps them love their bodies and helps mask the aspects they do not like about themselves. Studio Le Maquillage provides state-of-the-art technology to perform various treatments for its clients. Everything is performed under Ludmila’s careful eye, from micro-pigmentation to under-eye neutralization. She has curated permanent treatments for women who want significantly less aftercare to maintain them. 

Ludmila welcomes everyone to her studio to transform themselves into their best version. With her all-inclusive treatments to cater to her clients and an online Masterclass, where she teaches her techniques to interested individuals, Ludmila is helping make the world beautiful. She also teaches her course on Dark Circle Neutralization in English on the Hotmart Platform. 
To learn more about micro-pigmentation and under-eye neutralization, visit Ludmila’s website by clicking here.