Google invests 1.000 billion euros in the cloud and green energy

Google invests 1.000 billion euros in the cloud and green energy

The US giant Google will invest “between now and 2030” 1.000 million euros (1.180 million dollars) in Germany in “cloud” infrastructures, or cloud to store data, and in the renewable energies necessary to make it work, says AFP.

“In Germany (…) by 2030, investments in digital infrastructure and clean energy will reach 1.000 billion euros,” the group announced in a statement on Tuesday.

The giant wants to “expand” its cloud center located in Hanau, in the Frankfurt region (west), which already has 10.000 m2.

Google also wants to create a new data storage facility in Brandenburg, the region around Berlin.

The group will also invest in Germany in “solar and wind” renewable energy infrastructures to power “80%” of its operation.

“It is an important step to reach our decarbonisation goal by 2030,” he said.

To do this, it will partner with the German subsidiary of the French group Engie, which will deliver a total of “140 megawatts” of green energy.

Storing digital data using these clouds is highly criticized, especially because it consumes large amounts of energy.

The German government welcomed this decision by Google, a “strong signal” according to Economy Minister Peter Altmaier.

For now, the digital giant has four plants in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich) and employs 2.500 people.