Abderrahman Zahid: The Founder of Tawjeeh Consulting Becomes the Voice of Moroccan Students

Abderrahman Zahid: The Founder of Tawjeeh Consulting Becomes the Voice of Moroccan Students

It takes an insane amount of courage and strength to be able to stand up for what is right, and what you believe in. Abderrahman Zia is a highly educated, strong, and empathetic individual who single-handedly started the organization “Tawjeeh Consulting” to give life to his goals and ideas. He stood up for his beliefs and goals, in spite of coming across so many obstacles and difficulties.

Standing up for what you believe in boosts your self-esteem since you’re sticking to your principles. It’s not honorable to go against your beliefs simply because it’s more convenient. Others will respect you more if you stand your position, even if they disagree with you. Simply having the courage to speak up for yourself demonstrates your character. You’re not a coward. You are a strong and self-sufficient individual.

Abderrrahman Zia is one such strong and self-sufficient individual, who did so many things not for his benefit but for the benefit of the Moroccan students. Being born in Marrakech and his parents being teachers, he had a close understanding of how it must have been for Moroccan students. Therefore, instead of going with the flow and letting things be, he stood up for what he believed in and founded Tawjeeh Consulting, a center of consultations for Moroccan students to guide them in their career choices.

In less than three years, Abderrahman Zia has achieved so much, his organization has counseled over 32000 Moroccan children and paved their way to success. He aspires to further grow Tawjeeh consulting to other areas such as the middle east and Africa.

He has given his best to educate and guide the students in the best possible ways. From arranging counselors from all around the world to arranging webinars with different strong personalities to help inspire children even more. Tawjeeh Consulting has helped over 500 students to achieve schooling from international institutes with partial and full scholarships.

Having someone to look up to and listen to is a blessing especially during student life. That time of your life is completely clueless and confusing, having a helping hand during these years can do wonders for a student. 

Facing difficulties in the same aspect, Abderrahman made sure that he can reach as many Moroccan students as he can in order for them to not face the same obstacles and frustrations which he faced during his student life. Hence, he proved that indeed he is the inspiring voice of all the Moroccan students and is aspiring to be the voice of many other children from all around the world as well.