The Inspirational Story of the CEO of ‘My Greek Boutique,’ Jazmine Humphrey, based In Little Rock, Arkansas

The Inspirational Story of the CEO of ‘My Greek Boutique,’ Jazmine Humphrey, based In Little Rock, Arkansas

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Jazmine Humphrey’s story truly leaves one inspired and astounded. The owner of My Greek Boutique had never thought her life would become what it is today – a mompreneur causing ripples in the business world. Here is how ‘My Greek Boutique’ began, and Jazmine started her life as a Mompreneur. 

Raised by a single mother of 3, Jazmine faced many challenges but went on to attend and graduated from nursing school Summa Cum Laude in June 2014. Receiving her nursing degree, successfully completing her board exam, and officially receiving her license propelled her to pursue her job as a registered nurse in August of the same year. However, a month prior, she was met with a splendid surprise: her pregnancy with her daughter, Madisyn Ware. After Madisyn’s birth in April 2015, Jazmine hoped to work harder and give her daughter a life of comfort and luxury. 

“Raising a daughter made me realize that I wanted much more out of life and to provide her with the best life possible,” shares Jazmine. 

In December 2018, Jazmine began designing and selling Greek-inspired paraphernalia on Etsy. Born in the same city as Jazmine herself, My Greek Boutique attracted many Greek letter organizations – fraternities and sororities – left, right, and center.

Juggling her career as a full-time registered nurse, raising Madisyn, and managing her dropship business was a hassle. However, Jazmine didn’t lose sight of her dream and motivation and continued to work hard to turn it into a full-time business. The positively overwhelming response My Greek Boutique earned was motivating and pushed Jazmine to turn it into an official store.

Resigning from her full-time job as a registered nurse empowered Jazmine to focus on her retail store and official website and raise her daughter. My Greek Boutique is now one of the top choices for Greek paraphernalia, producing apparel and accessories for the Divine Nine (D9) African American sororities and fraternities. Jazmine’s story of leading this company to the top is inspiring and admirable. The trick is in her ability to balance her work, make original and exclusive designs, and personally fund her company. 

My Greek Boutique began as a dropship company and turned into an independent business that has attracted numerous clients. She is now a licensed vendor for many Greek letter organizations based in the States and produces designs for them that cater to their needs, history, and values. 

Check out My Greek Boutique’s designs on her website