3 Personality Traits That Make John D Hickman a Great actor

3 Personality Traits That Make John D Hickman a Great actor

Acting is a skill and an art form that lets the audience connect and relate to the story and the character you are portraying. Sometimes it is god-gifted, and acting comes naturally, but at times it is an acquired skill that needs learning and training to become screen worthy. John D Hickman possesses all the qualities that make an actor; he can execute a character with these skills and the other abilities he has acquired over the years while performing with incredible energy.

If we deeply analyze the characters played by John in “True Blood,” “The Vampire Diaries,” “Blood Heist,” “The Vault,” and “King Cobra,” we will find out what traits made him the best option for playing out these roles. According to John, being charismatic, hardworking, and understanding; what can be done and what cannot are just a few things that make or break an actor. 

Be charismatic, and have a good personality

It is easy to notice that someone is charismatic when he is all over the place and is super talkative. However, John is one of those people who stay lowkey but still make their mark. For instance, when he shot an episode of “True Blood,” he sent a bottle of wine as a thank-you. He made the cast and the producers realize how much of a good company they were and filled them with enthusiasm. 

This charisma added to his lively personality, eventually opening more opportunities for him because he was later offered a werewolf role in seasons 5 and 6. John believes that having an overall friendly vibe and making good connections along the way makes an actor approachable to other people in the industry.

Work hard and always be ready to get out of your comfort zone

Showing up to different auditions and sets to look for opportunities and meeting new people should always be in the diary of a good actor. Despite being 66 years old, John appears on the shows, working hard for his dreams despite all the challenges. He goes above and beyond in stepping out of his comfort zone to feed his passion and materialize his dreams. 

Nothing comes easy in life; knowing this, he works with zeal, enthusiasm, and determination. All new and old actors must be determined to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges. An actor without a commitment to work isn’t worthy enough to have a lasting career. 

Understand what needs to be done, and believe in yourself

John understands who he is and what he can do, making him mentally and emotionally strong and invincible. One needs to understand and relate more deeply to act appropriately in a role. To make the character feel real and relatable to the audience, a good actor must understand the character and what can be done to make it better and easily digestible. Working on multiple supernatural and gory series, John is an expert at making disturbing characters look real on screen. 

Believing in yourself is essential when trying to be the best in any industry. With many people trying to bring you down, it is crucial to know who you are and simply believe that you are the best person for the job. Many people in John’s life always brought him down and told him that he couldn’t be on TV because he didn’t have what it took. He didn’t pay attention to any of this, stayed silent, and let his work speak volumes. His confidence in himself took away his fear and self-doubts, supporting him in honing his career as a great actor. 

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