Meet Yasser Siddiqui – Founder and Head Coach of Ayta Sports Canada

Meet Yasser Siddiqui – Founder and Head Coach of Ayta Sports Canada

Ayta Sports is a company passionate about bringing serious upgrades to how the game of soccer is played and experienced. The organization specializes in soccer athlete development and conducts individual as well as private soccer training in small groups.

The founder and head coach at Ayta, Yasser Siddiqui, has been working to pave the way for future soccer athletes by using the latest training modules as well as the best technologies that have been designed by professionals so far.

Despite his passion for soccer and having played the sport at a semi-professional level at the age of 16, his first career choice was that of finance and management as he began to work at a family-owned community school. During his tenure working with the institution, he had the chance to teach children while also providing them with transport services to help them get to school. His love for soccer continued to burn within him, prompting him to buy a soccer club with his friend to train athletes.

It was a bit of a surprising discovery to find out that he had an aptitude for being a coach. He managed to have Adidas back his soccer club, Delhi Chargers FC. Additionally, he helped them attain the runner-up position in the first season of the Indian Soccer League.

Realizing that this was his true calling and passion, Yasser decided to move forward and dedicate his time to bringing change to the soccer world of North America. He picked Canada as his next conquest; and though it took him a while to find his footing, he eventually succeeded and established Ayta Sports Canada. Yasser’s main aim is to help kids realize their potential and hone their talent and become pro soccer players. Not only that, but he also wants them to grow and improve their skills. With the help of the latest technologies provided by UK-based company Elite Skills Arena, Yasser hopes to train the new generation of soccer players and help them achieve the status of true soccer legends.