Influencer Nikita Karizma Revolves Her Work around Empowering Women to Feel Beautiful

Influencer Nikita Karizma Revolves Her Work around Empowering Women to Feel Beautiful

Women across the globe feel powerful through the fashion they use to shine their appearances. They find their standings through the reflection of their personalities. Fashion is a way for the majority of individuals to express themselves through their outlooks. Women establish their soul connection to society through various fashion wear and lifestyle accessories. Fashion has evolved into a form of expression, with a plethora of materials and pattern styles to choose from.

The famous fashion designer Nikita Karizma believes that fashion instills confidence in women. She makes sure that her designs give a platform for women to rise to the position of boss girl. Nikita designs clothes and fashion accessories that make women feel self-assured and able to dream large without fear of being judged. Her designer brand ‘Nikita Karizma’ strives to promote women’s empowerment.

In her childhood, Nikita used to help her mother dress up Bollywood artists for their roles in London media. This was when she learned how to use her fashion sense to make women feel absolutely fantastic, confident, bold, and beautiful using their outlooks and appearances.

Nicole Scherzinger’s stylist noticed Nikita’s graduating collection and commissioned her to make items for Little Mix, catapulting her into the fashion elite. Her creations are recognized for their flattering fits, glamorous style, designer cuts and defying the standard fashion form. She works with a variety of interesting textiles. Nikita is located in London, where she designs for her high-end designer brand and commercial diffusion line.

Nikita comes from a family of fashion designers, with her family owning the premium Asian clothing shop Variety Silk House. Nikita is a First Class LCF graduate, FROW at London Fashion Week with a celebrity following, having dressed the likes of Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, and the supermodel Winnie Harlow. She not only designs, but used to host several Asian networks as a teenager. “I developed my design sense a lot after studying at London College of Fashion,” Nikita laughingly narrates.

Talking about the fashion industry, Nikita says that as the business is so competitive, it’s critical to have a game plan. She prefers to be selective in who she works with and devotes a significant amount of time to studying art. Rather than getting sucked into the publicity and glamorous aspect of working in fashion, Nikita always induces her true love and desire for fashion designing in everything she creates.