Here’s How Apoorva Bob Beri of Lend with Bob Is Redefining the Canadian Mortgage Industry

Here’s How Apoorva Bob Beri of Lend with Bob Is Redefining the Canadian Mortgage Industry

Sometimes it can be challenging to get a loan from a traditional lender, especially with iffy credit. But that shouldn’t stop people from being able to afford a roof over their heads, believes Bob Beri – hailed as the most reliable name in the private lending industry in Canada. If you want to get your mortgage approved without the hassle of going through the traditional process of waiting on banks to heed your pleas, Lend with Bob is the solution for you.

Bob is a stylish entrepreneur who has used the exposure and experience from living in multiple countries to develop an endearing personality. He has an eye for fashion and rocks outfits that make him stand out for his unique fashion sense. But upon meeting him, you realize he’s more than just what attracts the eye.

He wants to leave the world a better place for the coming generations as a family man who is a role model for his two sons. Bob is a philanthropist who manages time to find those in need and help ease their pain. He believes all the money, respect, and influence he has earned is only worth it when he can utilize it to leave a positive impact on other people’s lives.

What makes him instantly likable is how he’s honest without any filters. Bob is known to share his heart with his family, friends, and even people he’s meeting for the first time. His nature reflects in his business. The transparency has established his brand as a trustworthy name for people seeking solutions to their complicated financial situations, keeping them from availing of a mortgage.

Upon arriving in Canada, Bob got a job on the day he landed, which seems plausible given his prolific and esteemed background complemented by his remarkable personality. But when he wanted to buy a house, Bob had a hard time finding a reliable agent who could counsel him toward making the best decision. With his empathetic approach and vision backed by the confidence that makes him who he is, he decided to enter the mortgage space, aspiring to dominate.

His ultimate goal is to give back to society. He aspires to facilitate people however he can, and his business models mirror his ambitions. Bob’s second business Beri Distribution LLC is based on solid foundations. He got into e-commerce with invaluable experience gained with his Logistics company dealing with big companies like Johnson & Johnson, Vodafone, Dabur, and Kraft Foods. Bob won several awards while catering a turnover of around 20 million USD for his logistics company, now operating as Beri Distribution.

Lend with Bob offers simple solutions to complex problems by providing the cheapest and the best mortgage options to the clients whose utmost satisfaction is Bob’s top priority. When banks say no, Bob says yes. Reach out to him to get your mortgage approved now.