Arthur Baranovskiy Strives to Help Future Engineers to Make a Positive Impact on Humanity

Arthur Baranovskiy Strives to Help Future Engineers to Make a Positive Impact on Humanity

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others — Ayn Rand.

The Russian-born American writer and philosopher Ayn Rand has made a massive difference in Arthur Baranovskiy’s life. As an avid objectivist, he is a staunch believer in the endless possibilities of human abilities and capacity for achievements. Baranovskiy believes in devising a plan, working hard, and engaging in actions that lead to long-term happiness in life. Leading a life of purpose with integrity and for the greater good drove him to shun the 9-5 routine he inherited from his Slavic immigrant family. Instead, he developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship. He taught himself to attain the confidence and assertive mindset that he needed to accomplish his life goals and lead his life differently.

Arthur Baranovskiy is a problem solver. As an electrical engineering student, he recognized the problem students faced in their training for drafting as many of the technical software were not taught in class. A STEM scholar himself, Baranovskiy understood the dire need to reimagine education and make engineering easier for future students.

Baranovskiy earned his electrical engineering degree from Washington State University Tri-Cities and decided to pursue entrepreneurship. He developed AYB Drafting at the age of 21, with the aim to educate students about engineering and related fields. The consultancy company provided students with connections and training in a range of technical areas. Within a short time, it showed so much potential and merged with ARY Engineering, making him the COO of the new company.

ARY Engineering is an industrial engineering and design firm specializing in serving clients in industrial, manufacturing, and cloud services. Following the mindset of the founding father, the company is known to distill seemingly endless, daunting challenges into discrete, manageable projects with clear deliverables, dates, and budgets, then deliver high-quality technical solutions on time. Aside from his thriving business, he is also an adjunct professor at Columbia Basin College, where he teaches Architecture Design, Advanced 3D Modeling, Mechanical Design, and a few other classes.

As an executive entrepreneur and professor, Arthur Baranovskiy aspires to be a part of a powerful group that works hard, doesn’t fear to push boundaries, and contributes to the world. He aims to empower engineers and people from all spheres of life to believe in their true potential and learn to pursue their passions. As someone who highly values self-growth, achievement, and success while being a thriving entrepreneur and engineer, Arthur paves his way to be a part of the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30. His outstanding leadership skills, free entrepreneurial spirit, and strong academic background are behind his stupendous success today.