President of AN celebrates that the opposition retakes the democratic path

President of AN celebrates that the opposition retakes the democratic path

The President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, celebrated the decision of the extremist opposition to participate in the great democratic party on November 21 and resume the democratic path.

Before starting the extraordinary session of this Wednesday, September 1, the parliamentarian Jorge Rodríguez highlighted the work of the parliament that “thanks to its joint effort of the process to elect the rectors and rectors of the National Electoral Council and create mechanisms for this great electoral day ”.

Jorge Rodríguez asserted that “yesterday an event of transcendental importance occurred for the purposes of republican life, politics, democracy and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Yesterday while I saw representatives of the sectors of the Venezuelan right, seated at a table, I could not think about where those faces and those voices were in recent years and months.

“Who were in Bogotá, in Washington asking for intervention? Who were promoting invasion camps that still exist in Colombia? Who were promoting attacks and situations of violence?”

He added that “It honors the return from the declarative point of view, to the democratic channel of these sectors of the right, who stated that they would participate in the mega-elections of November 21… that is part of the controversy and political tirade, but there is a real fact It is that those of us who participate in the elections are first recognizing the Venezuelan electoral system, which is the most efficient, safest, and most robust system on this planet. There is no electoral system like the Venezuelan one “

He emphasized that “secondly, they recognize all the electoral guarantees that are enshrined in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the Organic Law of Electoral Processes and that are enshrined in the dialogue agreements made with the different factors of the Venezuelan opposition. . Here is an important representation of these factors, that what these guarantees do is ratify the profound robustness of the Venezuelan Electoral system ”.

He added that “Thirdly, the recognition of this National Assembly, because it was not by magic that five main rectors appeared, 3 incorporated alternate rectors and the remaining 7 alternate rectors. It was not by magic, it was a Nominations Committee as stated in the National Constitution, which was chosen in this National Assembly, on January 5, 2021 ”.

He recalled that this Nominations Committee, complying with the established lapses, incorporated sectors of Civil Society, Universities and undertook the task of studying curriculum by curriculum of those who applied and an electoral power chosen by this Parliament came out. Voted unanimously in the National Assembly. I spoke of the facts ”.

He clarified that the extremist opposition by accepting the rules of the game and participating in the elections of November 21, 2021, “is ratifying the support for the CNE and the legitimacy of the Electoral Power.”

He warned that if they return to coup actions, “they will once again be defeated by an entire people. We will not allow them to promote violent and coup actions against citizen tranquility ”.

For his part, the deputy of the Democratic Alliance, Luis Parra also applauded that the extremist opposition have understood that the only way of change is through the electoral path, highlighting that “political polarization was not the way and hopefully that sector has the delicacy of saying ‘we were wrong’ and we are resuming the democratic path. This unit represented in the Democratic Alliance agree that the only way to settle differences is through elections “

“We believe that here there is a nationalist opposition, which is open to dialogue. We are not ashamed to sit at a table to seek solutions for the country. Together we can renew and change Venezuela ”-he concluded