Out of the Struggles of an Immigrant and the Wonders of Passion, LA Chef, and Creator Lena Artunian Finds Her True Path

Out of the Struggles of an Immigrant and the Wonders of Passion, LA Chef, and Creator Lena Artunian Finds Her True Path

The crack of each dawn marks a new day of struggles and relentless work toward dreams one wishes to achieve and passions one desire to live. This process defines the people who remain standing even after a great storm; those people have within them what it takes to leave a mark behind. LA chef and creator Lena Artunian has successfully left a mark by pursuing her true calling of producing delicious food.

Lena had her fair share of struggles on her journey. The passion for food ran in her family; however, as immigrants, her father and mother, the mother who was the backbone to her father, had to work tirelessly, “24 hours, 7 days a week,” in the words of Lena, to support his family in this foreign land. This tiresome schedule landed him in a misfortune where he died at a young age because of an unexpected heart attack. She knew that in order to not be in the same waters, she needed to opt for change.

Even though she had a degree in Health Service Management and always hoped to receive a nursing degree, her heart was in the grips of her one true passion. She says, “Deep down in my heart, cooking seems to be following me, and every time I’m in the kitchen, somehow I hear my late father talking to me and guiding me into the cooking field.” This profound spiritual connection was something unexplainable and could not be ignored.

Lena started her Instagram account by the name of HyeFeastLA, where she channeled her inner food legend and created recipes that captured the hearts of many. Her popularity knew no bounds; the audience adored her. Lena says, “My fans, followers, and supporters always send me messages on a daily basis, thanking me for how they appreciate all my food videos, recipes, tips, and skills in the kitchen.” Furthermore, she started giving one-on-one, group, or zoom sessions to people looking to make connections through the medium of food, like a private chef.

Even though the path of the heart is like a flame that attracts the moth, and getting too close has its repercussions, Lena finds a balance between passion and stability. She keeps her ambitions in check and avoids burning out. This then helps her produce more productive and popular content.