Maximize Your Career with Productivity Tips from HR Coach Eric Torigian

Maximize Your Career with Productivity Tips from HR Coach Eric Torigian

Productivity is the key to growth in the business world. Without productivity, there will be no growth in the companies and very few profits which can be one of the reasons why companies don’t work and shut off. Studies show that in an eight-hour day, an average employee can only be productive for almost 3 hours; this is less than 50% productivity daily.

Eric Torigian, the founder of CHRO Solutions and a C-suite advisor to many companies, has some tips and tricks that can help anyone with their career and productivity.

People often monitor their productivity with productivity apps and software; some people resort to reading inspirational and motivational quotes. Although these are adequate ways to achieve productivity, Eric suggests something more. Following are the tips that Eric swears by and has used to help many of his coaching students at The Career Mastery Club.

Have every day goals and objectives

Make a list of things that need to be done and do them. A well-defined to-do list is highly motivational and will increase productivity when you start checking things off the list. Starting every day with a blank sheet of paper is the best start and will help you find out and sort through the tasks for the day. This way is better since it helps you become organized; without this method, you would have unsorted ideas and tasks all day.

Find out what time of the day you’re the most productive.

Different types of people feel the most productive at different times of the day. Most people feel a burst of energy and focus in the morning time which can extend to the afternoon. Finding this out, you can schedule your tasks accordingly by prioritizing the most critical tasks in the morning and the rest later in the day. This will ensure maximum productivity on your part.

Understand your priorities

It is not about working the entire eight-hour day; it is about how much work you can do in that long time. No one expects 100% productivity for the total eight hours, but you need to complete your tasks. This is why prioritizing is essential for you to identify the most critical tasks and get them done without procrastinating.

Don’t waste time, and avoid distractions.

While doing your best work, you can get distracted when the phone rings or you get social media notifications. Avoid having them close to you while working on your priority tasks, and know that all these calls or messages can be attended to later in the day.

Create a routine and get enough sleep

Taking care of yourself is the most crucial part of being productive in the workplace. Without ample sleep and a proper routine, you would feel exhausted and lazy at the workplace and may not be able to achieve all of your desired goals and objectives for the day.

Eric has many more tips and tricks for all his students at The Career Mastery Club. To learn more about his methods and techniques, subscribe to his Youtube Channel, Lessons From The Corner Office, and follow him on Twitter @erictorigian.