Human Optimization Coach Michael Hoffmann’s Precious Reveals on Productivity

Human Optimization Coach Michael Hoffmann’s Precious Reveals on Productivity

Productivity is not about working hard; it’s about working smart, and human optimization coach Michael Hoffmann knows it far too well. He helps his clients utilize his innate abilities with his precious and practical performance tips.

One look at his Twitter space, and you’ll know that the man knows his business. With an empathetic demeanor and genuine style, he advises his clients to make the best of their time and resources. Mike strongly roots for financial freedom with sustainable and consistent passive income and believes such a setup is impossible without working intelligently. He trains his clients in the art of working less and building solid and dependable income-generating systems that can sustain their life.

Focus on process

Revealing his top productivity tips on Twitter, Mike emphasized concentrating on the process because focusing on results can be crippling. Laser focus your energies on the process, ensuring that the minutest details are done right, and forget about the results while doing it. Worrying about outcomes can derail you before time and affect your performance. You can only do what lies in the realms of possibility. Results are “effects, “and the process is the “cause.” Do your best to work towards the right; the right “causes” and the desirable “effects” will follow on their own.

Concrete goals

Having goals is not enough; Mike believes in the concrete transformation of goals into something measurable. Clear goals enable us to have a clear strategy. When you have definite goals in mind, you can narrow down your options and course of action. This leads to an easier, smoother realization of goals. Developing an action plan is hard when you have ambiguous and complex plans. If you don’t even know your goals, how will you carve a strategy for their realization?

Fewer daily goals

Having your daily goals in place is good, but do not fill an entire sheet every day. That’s overwhelming, and when you cannot make it to the end, you feel worthless, which is one thing you should never feel if you want to be productive. Having fewer goals on your to-do list makes it easier to check them all, which feels so satisfying and highly gratifying at the end of the day. With a good feeling about yourself, you can start with a lot more zeal the next day.

Mike Hoffmann helps his clients reach financial stability with his advice on financial stability and productivity. His company Passivepreneurs, is dedicated to helping people upgrade their lives with stable passive income and financial freedom. He is loved for rendering practical, accessible, genuine, and doable tips that not only sound great but also help people hone the innate abilities of head and heart for discernable performance improvement.