Here’s How Dr. Cameron Chesnut Is Redefining the Aesthetic Practice by Incorporating Regenerative Medicine and Biohacking

Here’s How Dr. Cameron Chesnut Is Redefining the Aesthetic Practice by Incorporating Regenerative Medicine and Biohacking

Over the last few years, we have seen the field of medicine experiencing massive advancements. Talking about aesthetics, the field has long been dominated by fillers, botox, and usually, chemical-based treatments. However, with time, people are desiring more natural anti-aging therapies instead of using traditional fillers. To their relief, Dr. Cameron Chesnut is leading the progressive medical innovation to redefine the aesthetic practice by blending in regenerative medicine and biohacking, and people are traveling from all over the world to experience his signature EnigmaLift and VidaLift treatments.

Although regenerative aesthetics can produce long-lasting results as compared to traditional aesthetics or dermal fillers, it doesn’t mean that you need to exclude one from the other. Double board-certified, MD, and fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon Dr. Chesnut is well-versed with aesthetics and is an expert when it comes to combining more natural and ‘regenerative’ options with traditional cosmetic surgeries for the best of both worlds.

Founder of OPTIM clinic, a regenerative medicine and biohacking facility in Spokane, Dr. Chesnut focuses on enhancing the patient’s natural healing ability through procedures that incorporate the patient’s own tissue, stem cells, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), and other growth factors. “I heavily focus on using regenerative medicine during my procedures and in the recovery period to expedite recovery,” says Dr. Chesnut.

At the OPTIM Clinic recovery lab, Dr. Chesnut and his team of experienced professionals strive to provide completely optimized solutions for patients to yield top-notch and incomparable results. They are replacing the use of chemical fillers and less units of Botox while upgrading patients’ facial composition via regenerative aesthetic-based procedures that revolve around the use of fat transfer along with other modalities to treat the skin and add volume to the face’s aging and sunken areas.

In order to help patients recover faster after their procedures, Dr. Chesnut treats his patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a procedure that increases oxygen delivery to affected parts of the body, resulting in less swelling, less bruising, and better long-term outcomes. Targeted IV nutrition, pulsed electromagnetic frequencies, and LED light treatment are other therapies provided at OPTIM to reduce inflammation after surgical or non-surgical procedures.

Apart from receiving a specific regimen of peptide-based recovery supplements after their procedures, patients at OPTIM also receive a stem cell cream created from their own fat-based stem cells. It is no wonder why Dr. Chesnut is recognized as a key innovator who’s always exploring to fill the gaps and do what none have done before.

Because of the fact that nutrition was Dr. Chesnut’s major in college and he is especially adept there, he is using his knowledge of nutrition in his regenerative medicine practice by providing his patients with targeted IV nutrition after their procedures. Micro and macro-nutrients along with phytonutrients such as Arnica and Bromelain are used to maximize nutrition during the recovery period.

Dr. Chesnut’s unorthodox and result-driven approaches have made him the go-to facial plastic surgeon in not only the US, but all over the world. Visit his website to discover the next level of recovery and regeneration.