Framing Your Mind Towards Growth – Lola Adeyemo Shares Seven Life-Changing Tips for Success in Workplace

Framing Your Mind Towards Growth – Lola Adeyemo Shares Seven Life-Changing Tips for Success in Workplace

The road toward success is not an easy one, but the reward of it is sweeter than all fruits. Helping someone else realize their version of success tastes even sweeter. Lending a helping hand is truly gratifying, and this is precisely what Lola Adeyemo, Employee Resource Group (ERG) consultant and founder of EQImindset, is doing.

Here, we have gathered seven tips from her that will pave the way for young people towards achieving growth and success in all walks of life.

  1. Always Say Yes to Learning

When it comes to learning something new, you shouldn’t stop yourself on account of pride. True success comes to you when you are open to learning and feedback even if it is coming from people you don’t totally agree with. Your main focus should be building yourself, your skills and your capabilities.

  1. Increase your Network

Networking is always a good idea. Meeting and interacting with various professionals can prove to be immensely beneficial in the long run. Networking helps you expand your knowledge of your particular niche. Moreover, it is a great way of strengthening your connections and gaining more confidence. It can also bring valuable opportunities. Try to attend as many events as you can so you can take your business out in the world and in front of your target audience.

  1. Outsource your Work

There is never a bad time to outsource your work. You must have come across days when your to-do lists become too daunting. You just know you won’t be able to give your best in the necessary tasks that need to be done. In such a case, delegating some of the tasks to people of trust and capability is an excellent way to get time for urgent matters and be done on time for all the deadlines.

  1. Take a Break When Needed

Tons of work can often make you forget about your wellbeing. When you do not focus on yourself, your work takes a toll, so listen to your body and do what it is asking you to do. If you’ve over-exhausted yourself, it’s time to take a deep breath, get some rest, maybe sneak in a quick yoga session and help your body relax before you get cracking again.

  1. Be Curious and Courageous

Curiosity and courage are the factors that truly help you learn and grow. Lola elaborates from personal experience: “I have learnt to work through my fear and willingness to try new things – new roles, new initiatives, new projects, etc. Even if I determine it’s not right then that in itself is a lesson and I can move on to the next one. Remember, there is always a lesson in each experience.”

Willingness to learn is certainly something that can take you places. So, always carry a child-like curiosity and open attitude towards new opportunities to improve your skill set.

  1. Connect With a Mentor

Mentoring is a crucial part towards your professional and personal growth. Lola has shared how her father was her first mentor, guiding her in her personal and professional life. He also connected her with some other professionals who helped streamline her career. A good mentor can show you that sky’s the limit. Thus, speaking from personal experience, Lola suggests young people to connect with reliable mentors.

  1. Finding your tribe

Finding your tribe means that you’ve gotten support for yourself through thick and thin. Lola started two support groups, called Christian Working Moms and Black Women Entrepreneurs, as a way to connect like-minded women. She has also got amazing childhood friends that are always one text away. When you find your people, you find a sense of comfort in them and they keep you anchored to your true core. Lola Adeyemo knows the way to success and isn’t afraid to share it with the world. To know more about her, take a look at her work as an entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, and author.