Exploring the Life of Dr. Amberleigh Carter–An Expert at Wearing Various Hats 

Exploring the Life of Dr. Amberleigh Carter–An Expert at Wearing Various Hats 

Women have repeatedly proven that they can achieve anything they set their minds to: breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes with their skills and genius. Today, we want to highlight a woman making a difference in the health sector. Meet Dr. Amberleigh Carter, a Doctor of Metaphysics who has made her name as a board-certified Alternative Medical Practitioner, podcast host, writer, speaker, business owner, and more.

With her education in Exercise Science, Neuroscience, Psychology, and a Doctorate in Metaphysics, she is not an ordinary professional – she is one of the most unique and best ones in her field. Her passion for unconventional holistic health practices, combined with her solid background in the scientific domain, has opened new avenues for her to explore.

Her formal education and certifications in holistic and alternative medicine have enabled her to help her clients achieve their health goals. She offers private sessions, utilizing the principles of sound, energy, and frequency to help her clients from all parts of the world.

Beyond her private practice, Dr. Amberleigh engages in public speaking events and has gone the extra mile to share her knowledge in the holistic field through her online show on YouTube and on her podcast, ‘Ask Amberleigh’. On her podcast, she and her guests offer ground-breaking and out-of-the-box strategies to enhance one’s health and lifestyle. Her show is a mixture of information and entertainment, which keeps the audience hooked on her style of teaching. 

She is also a frequent guest on other podcasts, and has served as a fun co-host on a few, as well.  In addition, Dr. Amberleigh served as the former Editor-in-Chief of a magazine, where she also wrote a quarterly column called, ‘Ask Amberleigh’.  Currently, she is the author of multiple Ebooks on health, relationships, and business.

She is a trusted source of guidance about anything related to holistic health, metaphysics, alternative medicine, and exercise science, giving public talks and conducting professional seminars on unconventional solutions to everyday issues.  She even offers effective strategies for corporate environments, improving communication between employees and employers, optimizing their corporate culture, and increasing profits, employee retention, and the health and happiness of their group, as a result.

Dr. Amberleigh is an exceptional professional who is making her mark on the holistic health domain. If you are looking to improve in any aspect in your life, you can book a consultation with her or have her come speak at your next public or private event.  You can also connect with her on Instagram and YouTube or listen to her podcast to learn more about her revolutionary work.