5 Tips by Travel Enthusiast Amanda O’Brien for Making The Most of Your European Vacation

5 Tips by Travel Enthusiast Amanda O’Brien for Making The Most of Your European Vacation

Europe is a global tourist attraction due to its rich culture, diverse outlook toward life, and stunning scenery. Everyone dreams of traveling to Europe, and travelers of all ages are fascinated by the beauty of this continent. Whether by the mesmerizing Swiss Alps, stunning Paris, the sun-kissed Mediterranean resorts, or the historical sites in Greece and Italy, Europe is grounded in history and culture. 

Amanda O’Brien is a successful travel blogger with a penchant for highlighting some of the world’s most fantastic locations. She is also running successful blog sites, The Boutique Adventurer being one of them. As a passionate travel blogger and a globetrotter, having explored a plethora of destinations, stopping in more than 70 countries, she is focused on providing the best travel knowledge through her website and social media channels.

Below are a few travel suggestions by Amanda. They are a rare treat for travelers bound to visit Europe. They provide expert tips and tricks of the trade; with these, anyone can experience the beautiful regions of the world without worrying too much. So, let’s get started!

Travel during shoulder season

One of the best ways to save money and avoid crowds is to travel off-season. In Europe, when the weather is warm and sunny, it’s the peak tourist season, typically lasting from June to August. However, traveling during the shoulder season (April to May and September to October) can be just as enjoyable. The weather is milder, attractions are less crowded, and prices are often lower. Not to mention, you’ll have a more authentic experience as you’ll be mingling with locals instead of fellow tourists.

Have foreign currency on hand

Before you leave for Europe, make sure you have some foreign currency on hand. While credit cards are widely accepted in most major cities, having cash on hand for small purchases and emergencies is still a good idea. You can exchange currency at banks or exchange kiosks, but compare exchange rates to get the best deal. 

Find the right accommodation and brush up on the language

When it comes to finding accommodation, Amanda recommends looking beyond traditional hotels. Bed and breakfasts, hostels, and vacation rentals can offer a more unique and affordable experience. And while English is widely spoken in major European cities, learning a few key phrases in the local language is always a good idea. Not only will this help you communicate with locals, but it’s also a sign of respect for their culture.

Save money on transportation

Getting around Europe can be a breeze with the right transportation. Trains are a popular and efficient way to travel between cities and countries, while buses and budget airlines can be more cost-effective for shorter distances. To save money on transportation, consider purchasing a Eurail Pass or city-specific transportation passes. And remember to download offline maps or bring a physical map to help you navigate.

Stay connected via cell phones

Staying connected while traveling is easier than ever with the help of cell phones. Before you leave for Europe, check with your phone carrier to see if they offer international plans or SIM cards. Upon arrival, you can also purchase local SIM cards or rent a pocket WiFi device. Access to the internet can help you stay connected with your loved ones, share your adventures, and independently navigate tourist spots.

With these tips from Amanda O’Brien, you can make the most of your European vacation without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed. So pack your bags, brush up on your language skills, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
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