TEDx Speaker and YouTuber Peter Sage Spills the Beans on Conquering Adversity

TEDx Speaker and YouTuber Peter Sage Spills the Beans on Conquering Adversity

Adversity and hardships are a part of life. You cannot expect to lead a meaningful life without certain difficulties. These circumstances often play a vital role in shaping you to be the person you are meant to be, they help you evolve and change into something you could never have managed in a period of comfort or prosperity.

When faced with adversity the common reaction is a feeling of fear or victimization. You might react angrily or feel dejected, ranting about your experience to anyone who would listen. Only a few feel a rush of excitement as they embrace a sense of opportunity to develop your personality in a new way. According to Peter Sage, those who can see an opportunity wrapped inside adversity are the ones who manage to turn the tables and conquer it. He swears by the famous quote, “Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit”.

Peter Sage is a renowned speaker and author of the award winning best-seller, The Inside Track. It is a unique book that has managed to change the lives of many individuals and help them understand how adversities can be turned to your benefit.  The book depicts his survival mechanism during his sentence at Britain’s toughest prison as a non-criminal inmate. It enriches the reader with ways to survive through dark periods when your freedom, your career, relationships, and everything that you have ever valued is taken away from you.

The book shares how he used the tools learned over 25 years in personal growth and development to counter adversity, face it without fear, and turn your worst situations into profitable and positive ones. According to Peter, “The challenge for most people is that they are so busy focusing on the adversity, that they don’t water the seed. But many of the gifts in life that come to us are wrapped in a thin layer of problems.

Peter further guides his mentees to a mind shift that helps them face their challenges from a place of power, not force. Strength, not weakness, and dignity, not apathy. The shift begins the moment you stop victimizing yourself for misfortune and rise to the fact that adversities are not only natural but specially designed for you to grow and contribute. This unlocks the power to take on challenges with the focus of what can I learn, not what I could lose.

Peter has created his masterpiece book which has become a definitive manual on how to become your best when life gives you its worst. For all those looking for a powerful shift in life and the tools to conquer adversity, The Inside Track is the best read possible.