Makeba White Chanay of B1 Ventures & Holdings Believes the Ultimate Way to Help Yourself Is by Helping Others

Makeba White Chanay of B1 Ventures & Holdings Believes the Ultimate Way to Help Yourself Is by Helping Others

The secret to success is helping others succeed. So many who have amounted to incredible success (sustainable and flourishing) have done so not by stepping on other people’s shoulders but by uplifting them. A fine example is Makeba White Chanay, an accomplished entrepreneur thriving as a business and community leader by empowering others.

Makeba excels at her multiple roles as a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a remarkably successful businesswoman. Her success is not only a product of her struggle but her goal of seeing others do well. Makeba is revered as a force of positivity that continues to impact many lives for the better. She is not only advancing in her professional pursuits but paving the way for many after her.

She is the founder of B1 Ventures & Holdings, Inc., a healthcare management firm headquartered in Pearl, Mississippi. Serving as the Chairperson of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Makeba overlooks three business entities to facilitate and empower the vulnerable and the underprivileged.

Established in 2016, B1 Nursing Care provides specialized home care services for the elderly and disabled. Their goal is to promote a feeling of comfort with a personal touch by educating their clients and their families with constant communication as the core of building relationships and guaranteeing utmost satisfaction with their dedication to customized care.

The second entity, Mississippi School of Health Services & Careers, was established in 2018 to provide educational opportunities to students by offering certificate programs in Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Medical Billing & Coding, Phlebotomy, and CPR. The school also provides certificates and CEUs in COVID-19 and Community Healthcare Worker Training.

As a woman belonging to a minority, Makeba understands the unfair system in which she has had to struggle to get where she is. Therefore, she aspires to address the community’s problems through their non-profit 501(c)3, B1 Foundation supporting underprivileged students through scholarships providing opportunities to the unhoused population to uplift them and guide them toward better lives.

Born and raised in Forest, Mississippi, Makeba was influenced by witnessing her grandfather’s entrepreneurship and dreamt of starting her own business. Despite the struggles in her personal life and life’s inevitable challenges, she refused to give up on her dream and remained dedicated to turning it into reality. She credits her faith in God and the support of her family that encouraged her to become the woman she is.

Makeba realizes her responsibility, having accomplished her lifelong goal despite the hurdles, and believes she has been able to help herself by helping others. Reimagining the world with a more inclusive future, she inspires others to realize their potential by following HER Philosophy of never giving up on their dreams and not forgetting to help others along the way.