Here’s How Content Creator Aariah Woods Helped Her Children Set Up Their Businesses

Here’s How Content Creator Aariah Woods Helped Her Children Set Up Their Businesses

The eCommerce industry is slowly bringing in new and young entrepreneurs. With the introduction of various tools and websites, kids are now overtaking adults into becoming billionaires by setting up companies online. The reason why there is a sudden rise in young entrepreneurs is due to their smart decision-making skills.

Content creator Aariah Woods is a mother of three children who set up their online businesses. Taking up her role as a professional business coach, Aariah helped her kids achieve financial freedom at a young age.

The reason to motivate her kids to set up businesses at a young age is due to Aariah’s hard childhood. Life comes with unexpected challenges, and one’s ability to overcome is only through financial power and high self-esteem; this is what she learned and taught her children. Coming from split-up parents, Aariah had to live with two completely different lifestyles. Her mother’s toxic relationship and father’s negligence convinced her that no child should ever be left alone in foster care or struggle financially.

The biggest challenge for Aariah as a child and later as an adult gave her a lesson to achieve financial freedom. She recognized opportunities in the eCommerce industry and quickly adapted to the field through research and applying strategies. As a result, Aariah launched her personal beauty brand called Bellah Roze.

With the success of her beauty brand, Aariah made another goal to help her children set up their businesses. Her eldest son opened a skincare business with the name of Sire Skincare. Her younger son drew his interests in apparel and launched K Legacy Apparel, and her daughter introduced the August Destiny clothing line. Aariah’s children could make good decisions in favor of their companies due to their mother’s coaching lessons, and they continue to grow through her help.

Aariah is now teaching others how to be successful and start their online business through her social media influence. She used to be an affiliate marketer before opening her company, so her huge followers find it helpful to see her using the platform to assist others in small businesses. @queenaariah TikTok channel has over 60k followers who find her content 100% authentic and valuable to apply for their online businesses.

Recently, Aariah opened GBD College to help people in the eCommerce industry. Aariah says that every person has the potential to be financially free if they have the right guidance and make the right decisions in life. As a coach, she designed courses separately for each aspect of eCommerce that anyone at any time can access through the official website:

The future of online business is bright as almost every company is slowly turning towards eCommerce. Nearly every individual needs a guide to start their online company to avoid financial loss, and business coach Aariah has got you covered!