From Sailing Deep Waters to Sailing Entrepreneurship Ventures, Elliott Forman Is an Ultimate Inspiration

From Sailing Deep Waters to Sailing Entrepreneurship Ventures, Elliott Forman Is an Ultimate Inspiration

When he was in the US Navy, Elliott Forman probably didn’t have any idea that sailing would be his lifetime career. Laser-focused and committed to the mission at hand, he did a sublime four years in the Navy and served as an Operational Specialist in Norfolk, Virginia Area. During his service, no one had any complaints of omission or commission against him, only words of praise. His time in the US Navy might have docked at some point in his life, but his career is still sailing, with no end in sight.

Currently, the ship of his career is exploring the waters of entrepreneurship. Before taking the gauntlet of setting sail on this challenging voyage, he had been in the boxing ring, knocking off opponents one by one, wearing bruises as badges of honor. Elliott was a fierce boxer, so his opponents and coaches say. But what’s more glaring is his focus and commitment to the task at the ready. He never shied away from his assignments in deep blue waters, nor did he in the rings where power, shrewdness, and timing are the determining factors.

He fared above and beyond on each count. Something similar went on when he joined First Data Independent Sales – a New Orleans-based financial services – as Senior Business Consultant. For eight years and ten months at this company, Elliott helped innumerable clients achieve the maximum potential in their business wheelings and dealings. However, eventually, there came a time when he realized he had fate, time, and experience all on his side, and he could do something colossal; something extraordinary, by hitting the right strings and playing the cards accordingly.

This realization resulted in his ship veering into turbulent waters, and Bonita Payments surfaced on the shore.

The fact that Bonita Payments is the result of Elliott’s lifetime work makes it a robust and strong name in the industry. With so much lost and so much gained previously in his life, this man had plenty of experience in building and growing things to their maximum limits. Bonita Payments is no exception. It swole up right from the onset and is still expanding with each passing month. Obsessed with an unwavering commitment to growing Bonita Payments, Elliott is standing firmly at the helm of affairs and fighting through wave after wave as he has always had.

One such wave was recorded in the recent past. Scientists named it COVID-19, one of the most contagious viruses in human history. It turned every house in the world into jail for its occupants. However, people directly connected to small to mid-sized businesses had to bear the brunt of it. In such unsettling times, Elliott extended helping hands to a range of such businesses and dragged them out of the quagmire, resulting in forced closures of businesses for the time being. With an articulated funding program, Bonita Payments disbursed loans to many businesses when even banks and governments turned them away. His journey is yet to come to an end, or maybe it never will; only time can tell. What we know for sure now is that Elliott is set on a mission to elevate not only himself but all those who seek and need help. By doing so, he has set the bar so high that it seems unlikely to achieve for other leaders and entrepreneurs, at least for now.