Content Creator Jason Borkland Raises His Voice for the Voiceless and Urges the World to End Whale Hunting

Content Creator Jason Borkland Raises His Voice for the Voiceless and Urges the World to End Whale Hunting

When it comes to raising a voice for the voiceless creatures under and above the sea, there is no better advocate than Jason Borkland.

A thorough adventurist, Jason is a PADI certified technical diver, helping others experience the world below the surface through his exceptional services. But there is a lot more to the diver-turned-content creator.

Jason hopes to instill the importance of marine life conservation in others and promote the cause he feels so strongly about through his role as a master diver. He is a visionary and a go-getter who not only believes in living life to the fullest but has also figured out his purpose and responsibility as a human to protect the planet’s future.

One of the significant threats to our world is whale hunting and marine life disruption. As more and more marine life research is being done, the actual value of underwater apex predators for the ecosystem is discovered. Whales occupy a significant role in the food chain, and as they lie at the top of the food pyramid, any change in their population alters the entire marine ecosystem.

Unfortunately, human activities like noise pollution and overfishing have greatly affected whale populations. Jason encountered the dilemma when he started diving in challenging areas and swam alongside whales and other fantastic pelagic creatures. Today, he is working hard to protect apex predators and create awareness so future generations can be inspired by the majestic marine life and observe it the way we do today.

@Jasonborkland captures videos and images during his diving expeditions and shares them on his social media, allowing others to experience the magic. His video of a momma Humpback teaching a baby Humpback how to dive in Socorro Island is one of his most popular pieces; not only has it moved hundreds of people, but it has made them realize what a crime it is to slaughter such sentient creatures. He is working hard to bring an accurate picture of the gentle giants in front of the common people.

Jason uses his voice as a master diver and content creator to gather support for marine life and end whale hunting around the world. There is so much that is not known to us as the oceans hold the planet’s deepest, darkest secrets. It is to unlock as many of these secrets as possible, and to push the limits of research and documentation, that Jason has now turned to technical diving.

As a former board member of Fins Attached, a Colorado-based nonprofit focused on shark research and marine conservation, Jason participates in fundraisers and invests time, skills, and money in promoting marine preservation and education. He has an undying passion for exploration, but that goes with a purpose— to save the oceans and our future.